PreSchool Learning Educational Games

PreSchool Learning Educational Games

PreSchool Learning Educational Games that keep your lovely kids entertained while they are Learning! Kids Learn Best while Playing !

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Cheerful & Encouraging Sound Effects, Cute Graphics, will help your kids stay positive in learning Letters, Numbers, Writing, Words, Spelling, Math, and more!

– Writing : Learn to write Alphabet & Numbers, with helpful animated guide.
– Counting : Count with cute graphics, learn simple maths with cute sound effects.
– Maths : Learning Addition & Subtraction, with encouraging sounds.
– Spelling & Words : Spell words with helpful voice narration. Learning to spell Colors, Fruits, Stationary, Animals, Insects.

Designed with Big Simple Buttons for kids easy pressing & Intuitive Navigation.
Perfect for toddlers, preschooler, lovely kids who wants a fun and entertaining educational game to play.
Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old.

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